Update from Gyekrum Arusha Secondary School

We installed the computer lab at Gyekrum Arusha Secondary School in September 2023. Recently, we caught up with students and teachers at the School to find out how the computer lab is helping them. 

Rihana Robart, Form 4 student at Gyekrum Arusha School, shared the impact of the computer lab on her education and opportunities. “Powering Potential’s computer program has helped me in improving my grades and performing well in exams. Also, at home we have a laptop, so the knowledge that I have gained here about Word, Excel, and designing websites has helped me at home in helping my father and my family and they feel happy.”

Student Rhianna Robert smiles next to a computer at school

Larson, a Form 2 student, conveyed his appreciation for the donation of the computer lab to the School: “I would like to thank Powering Potential and its donors for providing us with the computers because now we can learn ICT in our subjects.”

Student Larson smiles standing next to a computer in his classroom

Gyekrum Arusha School teacher and computer lab manager Eligi Tairo reflected on the importance of the computer lab for the School: “The program is important because it gives our students skills in how to type, how to use Microsoft Excel, and how to use PowerPoint for presentations. This is a project that opens our school to the external world. We are so proud to have digitized learning and we are bringing ICT into our teaching and learning process.”

Teacher and computer manager Eligi Tairo smiles next to a computer in the classroom

The Karatu District Project is planned to include a total of 23 schools, all of the secondary schools in the District that do not currently have computer labs and the supporting solar infrastructure. One of the first seven schools selected to receive computer lab and solar power installations in the Project, Gyekrum Arusha School is located just outside the city of Karatu and was founded in 2007. The current enrollment is 516 students – 341 girls and 174 boys. 

These resources open doors for the students by equipping them with technology skills needed in the 21st century global economy. With the support of our generous donors, the students and teachers of Gyekrum Arusha School are making strides toward their educational and future goals!

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