Illuminating Futures: Oldeani School’s First Year with PPI Computers

Picture this: a bustling classroom filled with eager students, their faces illuminated by the glow of computer screens. It’s not just any ordinary school day – it’s a day brimming with excitement and opportunity, all thanks to the remarkable impact of a computer lab installation.

Student Samwel stands in a computer lab in a school in Tanzania

This month we are excited to hear from students and teachers at Oldeani Secondary School, where the power of technology is reshaping the educational landscape one keystroke at a time.

During the installation, PPI executive director Caitlin Kelley remarked, “These new learning hubs represent more than just equipment; they symbolize opportunities that will shape the future of countless students.” The students and teachers at Oldeani School are already reaping the rewards of using the computer lab, witnessing significant enhancements in both teaching methods and learning outcomes.

Samwel, a Form Two student at Oldeani Secondary School, said “the computers help us to do different academic activities. We learn applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher and we learn to do exercises like creating folders and typing. We have Shule notes to read before class. The computers help us to rise academically. Thank you to Powering Potential!”

Oldeani student Zahara shared “The computers give us access to notes and to programs like Word, Excel, and Publisher. These programs help me to improve my academic performance.” 

Tumain is a teacher of computer information studies at Oldeani Secondary School. He noted “The computers help the students to improve their knowledge in other study areas by using class notes, having group discussions, and taking quizzes with the computers. They help teachers to prepare the academic activities for the classes, such as monthly tests, semi-annual exams, and annual exams. The solar power supply is reliable and supplies enough electricity to power the computer lab.”

Student Zahara stands in a computer lab in a school in Tanzania.
Teacher Tumaini stands in a computer lab in a school in Tanzania

In June 2023, the halls buzzed with excitement as the new computer lab and solar installation were unveiled. Since then, more than 285 bright minds—both students and teachers—have plunged into the endless possibilities of the digital realm, courtesy of the PPI computer lab. It’s been a year filled with discovery, learning, and empowerment!

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