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Our Work

We use technology to enhance education and expand opportunities for students.

Our Approach

We work with local communities and governments to help design, fund, implement and manage our programs. 

In 2016 we established the Potential Enhancement Foundation (PEF) a Non-Government organization in Tanzania, as an independent partner. PEF is located in Karatu with an office, staff and 14 year working relationship with schools and local government officials. 

Through PEF, we employ Tanzanians to procure, install and maintain the equipment;  to design and conduct teacher and student training courses, and provide monitoring and evaluation data.

Our collaborative approach is to replicate this model in other countries.

Introduction to Powering Potential 

Computer installation in the Welwel Secondary School 

Current Project

Powering Potential is excited to be upgrading two schools in the Bunda District of Tanzania to a SPARC+ Lab. Thanks to a $36,200 grant from MoneyGram Foundation, the Kabasa and Mekomariro Secondary Schools will be receiving 15 additional computers for each school along with expanded solar power systems, offline digital libraries and additional training. We will also be installing the recently digitized Tanzanian national secondary school syllabi. 

When the SPARC Lab was originally installed at three schools in the district, Founding Director Janice Lathen remarked, “It was a long arduous journey, but it had a joyful ending for 1,200 students. That made it all worthwhile. This is a great accomplishment for our team and I am thrilled.”


Next Project

Rigicha Secondary School

Serengeti, Tanzania

Project Budget: $20,000
Funded 20%
Project Budget: $20,000

Based on our survey, a student’s chance of securing employment increases by 73% if they have computer skills. Will you help us fund this project?

Completed Projects

Since 2006 Powering Potential has implemented 90 projects including our first in Peru in 2019.

Africa, Tanzania

Tanzanian Schools


Banjika in Karatu, Arusha
Noonkodin in Monduli, Arusha
Olturoto in Arusha, Arusha
Welwel in Karatu, Arusha
Florian in Karatu, Arusha
Slahhamo in Karatu, Arusha
Endalah in Karatu, Arusha
Baray in Karatu, Arusha
Soit Sambu in Ngorongoro, Arusha
Lake Natron in Ngorongoro, Arusha
Nainokanoka in Ngorongoro, Arusha
Rigicha in Serengeti, Mara
Shimbwe in Moshi, Kilimanjaro
Sazira in Bunda, Mara
Kabasa in Bunda, Mara
Mekomariro in Bunda, Mara


Tumbe in Micheweni, North Pemba
Fundo in Wete, North Pemba
Jongowe in North A Unguja, North Unguja
Kandwi in North A Unguja, North Unguja
Kidoti in North A Unguja, North Unguja
Kijini in North A Unguja, North Unguja
Mbuyutende in North A Unguja, North Unguja
Pwani Mchangani in North A Unguja, North Unguja
Tumbatu in North A Unguja, North Unguja
Shungi in Chake Chake, South Pemba
Kisiwa Panza Secondary School in Mkoani, South Pemba
Makoongwe in Mkoani, South Pemba
Charawe in Central Unguja, South Unguja
Ukongoroni in Central Unguja, South Unguja
Uzi in Central Unguja, South Unguja
Michamvi in South Unguja, South Unguja

South America, Peruvian Amazon

Peruvian School

San Francisco Rio Itaya School in Belen, Iquitos

Support Our Efforts

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever for students in developing countries to have access to information and communication technology to protect their communities and improve their lives. Will you join us?