Latin America Director Honored: Transforming Rural Education

Step into the realm of transformative education in rural Peru, where Dana Rensi, PPI’s regional director for Latin America, shines as a beacon of innovation and impact! In the early months of 2024, Dana’s outstanding contributions were celebrated as she was honored for spearheading groundbreaking educational initiatives in the heart of Peru’s countryside.

Enter the Reto Ruralia (Rural Challenge) program, now in its second triumphant year in Peru. This groundbreaking initiative serves as a catalyst for change, offering vital funding and ongoing education to educational leaders across the country. Imagine the scene: a handpicked cohort of visionaries, drawn from the farthest reaches of Peru, converging for an intensive two-month journey of learning and collaboration. These trailblazers, armed with a passion for change, immersed themselves in a transformative blend of online courses, mentorship, and hands-on projects.

As Dana reflects on her experience, she shares her journey with heartfelt gratitude: “Being part of Reto Ruralia was both a privilege and a challenge. The wealth of knowledge and support from my mentors and peers fueled my growth every step of the way. I emerged with a newfound understanding of problem-solving, stakeholder engagement, and effective implementation strategies. This experience will undoubtedly empower PPI to amplify our impact across Peru.”

But the impact doesn’t stop there. Cast your gaze upon the San Francisco Rio Itaya school in Iquitos, Peru, where PPI’s legacy of transformation unfolds. Here, a unique challenge meets unparalleled innovation as a solar-powered computer lab takes root in a community perched above the floodplains. Picture it: students, armed with newfound digital skills, breathe life into their imaginations as they explore the realms of animation and digital artistry. With each click of a mouse, a world of opportunity unfolds, empowering these young minds to shape their futures amidst the ever-changing tides of progress.

Help us empower students in rural Peru and Tanzania with essential digital skills and education!