On the Move in Tanzania

This summer, Powering Potential has been on the move. Our Founding Director Janice Lathen and Country Director Eng. Albin Mathias both traveled to Uganda to attend the Segal Family Foundation (SFF) Annual Meeting from August 13-15.

A terrific speech by Keynote Speaker Graca Machel and a live performance by Emmanuel Jal and the African Children’s Choir made the event memorable.

“As always the Segal Family Foundation Annual Meeting is packed with practical information,” Janice remarked. “The opportunities to network with SFF partners and funders are vital to Powering Potential’s growth.” SFF has been supporting Powering Potential since 2009 and renewed their commitment again this year. Thank you SFF!

Founding Director Janice Lathen & the Karatu team

Afterwards, Janice continued her two week trip in East Africa by traveling to Karatu, Tanzania to visit the Powering Potential office and a school.

Janice met with ICT Manager Neema Lyimo and hosted a luncheon for the Karatu team to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and to say “thank you.”

A visit to WelWel Secondary School to check on their progress was also completed before Janice visited Dar es Salaam.

Janice then met with three members of the Executive Council for the independent NGO (Non-Government Organization) which we are establishing in Tanzania to continue the work of Powering Potential: Dr. Amos Nungu, Mr. Theophilus Mlaki, and Country Director Eng. Albin Mathias.

Founding Director Janice Lathen and
ICT Manager Neema Lyimo

Janice and Albin attended meetings with Mr. Muhwela Kalinga and Dr. Frank Tilya to discuss the monitoring and evaluation of the programs. Powering Potential needs someone to design and implement a professional system to evaluate the success of our programs.

Janice met with Mr. Suleiman Saleh, who works in the African Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Corporation, to discuss our progress and plans.

She and Albin also met with Faraja Nyalandu, CEO of ShuleDirect, to discuss piloting an installation containing a digitized version of the Tanzanian curriculum at a Powering Potential school. Jaffar Mjasiri, assistant news editor for the Tanzania Standard Newspapers, also took the time to meet with our Founding Director. And Janice had a social visit with Ambassador Mwanaidi Maajar, the former TZ Ambassador to the US.

Our plans to install 40 Pi-oneers across the mainland regions of Lindi and Singida were impacted by new customs regulations. We met with the Permanent Secretary of Regional Administration and Local Government to help us retrieve the computer equipment.

Eng. Albin Mathias with Eng. Mussa I. Iyombe,
Permanent Secretary of
Regional Administration and Local Government.

After we complete the Pi-oneer installation we will focus on implementing the Computer Lab-Phase 2 program at two more schools. This is only possible because of the generosity of our readers. Visit PoweringPotential.org to spread the word about our cause and donate today.  Asante sana (Thank you)! 

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The following Swahili proverbs are courtesy of The Center for African Studies at the University of Illinois. Swahili is the beautiful language of Tanzania:

Atendaye njema atalipwa zizo.

The one who does well, will be paid likewise.

Rehema, kisima.

Compassion is like a well.