Powering Potential Continues to Empower Youth with Successful Installation of Computer Labs at Oldeani and Chaenda Secondary Schools

In our relentless mission to empower the youth of Tanzania through solar energy and technology, we are thrilled to announce a remarkable achievement – the successful installation at Oldeani and Chaenda Secondary Schools in the Karatu District

The new computer labs will contribute to leveling the playing field for students in Tanzania, who often don’t have access to the same resources as students in developed countries. “In bridging the digital divide through these newly installed computer labs, we are not just providing technology but also dismantling barriers to knowledge. We are grateful to our donors and partners for making this possible, and we are excited to see the impact these labs will have on the lives of students and teachers,” commented PPI Executive Director Caitlin Kelley.

The halls of Oldeani and Chaenda Secondary Schools are buzzing with the promise of a brighter future as solar-powered computer labs stand ready to ignite young minds. These new learning hubs represent more than just equipment; they symbolize opportunities that will shape the future of countless students. 

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to empower youth, one computer lab at a time.