Fortuitous Fortune

The other day I was waiting at Cafe La Fortuna for the Swahili Meetup ( members to arrive so we could practice Swahili and swap stories of East Africa. In walked a man who noticed my Swahili dictionary and Tanzania guide book so I asked if he was here for the Swahili Meetup. He wasn’t, but we engaged in conversation — he had been to Uganda — and when the other Meetup members did arrive we included him in our Meetup conversation. He asked for some information via email about Powering Potential which I sent him. I had made it clear that Powering Potential is not a 501 (c) 3 organization. Today we received a check from him for $1,000 !!!

Cafe La Fortuna is truly fortuitous!

And another Patron was talking about Powering Potential to her friend and she donated a laptop and a check to Banjika!

The vision of young people in Tanzania using computers to enhance their education and improve economic opportunities after school is being realized…thanks to all of the Powering Potential Patrons.

Wisdom, Peace and Love,
(Tanzanian National Anthem)

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