Powering Potential

Well, I just set up the Powering Potential blog with the help of Anand Sethupathy. Thanks Anand!

My friend Steve Newman is hosting a private fundraiser for Powering Potential on Sept. 27. Thanks Steve!

The school needs electricity before I can bring more computers. So I’m saving and raising money for a solar energy system.

For those of you who are just now coming into this story. Powering Potential is a project started by Janice Lathen to enhance educational experiences for students in Karatu, Tanzania, specifically at the Banjika Secondary School. As of Sept. 14 with the help of 59 Patrons, Powering Potential has provided two laptops (with long-life batteries), 14 bicycles, and 2 hours time at an Internet cafe for each teacher and 1 hours time for each Form 3 student. Fifty Banjika students walk from 7 to 11 miles a day to attend school. Form 3 is equivalent to the US 10th grade and is currently the highest grade level at Banjika.


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