Greetings from Peaceful Tanzania

Hello Everyone,

I arrived safely in Arusha Wednesday night. Thursday morning I discovered the cell phone company closed my account because of inactivity for over 3 months so I have a new Tanzanian phone number: 255 (0) 783 372 184. Depending on your long distance carrier, you may or may not need to dial the 0. 255 is the Tanzanian country code. Hint: I LOVE getting calls from friends in America!

At the airport, after the plane landed and I retrieved my luggage I walked out and standing there to greet me was Julius! To those of you who weren’t on the safari with me in 2006, Julius was our beloved group leader. He was picking up some clients at the airport. It was such a treat to see him! He and I will meet up again in Karatu.

On Sunday I will go to Karatu and on Monday will be at Banjika. I have business to attend to in Arusha today and am very busy.

That is all for now….more later.


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