Prime Minister’s Office honors Powering Potential

Our Country Director, Albin Mathias, recently represented Powering Potential at Banjika Secondary School’s graduation ceremony celebrating their 10th anniversary. Banjika was the location of Powering Potential’s pilot program in 2007. We are honored to have participated in this momentous occasion, and thank the Prime Minister’s Office for this certificate in commemoration.

From Albin:
“I was the one who attended the Banjika anniversary and 8th Form Four Graduation Ceremony, and received the certificate for Powering Potential. It was an honor for Powering Potential to attend, and to say words to the graduates. This year, Banjika will do the Information and Computer Studies national exam for the first time. This is a big achievement. It is because of the great work Powering Potential started at Banjika that we received the honor to congratulate graduates.”
A note from Founding Director, Janice Lathen:
“It was my dream to get the Banjika school to the point where the students could take the Information and Computer Studies national exam. We are honored to have worked with the Banjika school and congratulate them and their graduates on this achievement.”

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