Welwel Secondary School Installation

Below are photos of the Powering Potential solar and computer wireless network installation at Welwel Secondary School (grades 8-11) in Karatu town, Tanzania on November 8. Karatu is the name of the district (population 200,000) and the name of the town which is referred to as Karatu town (population 20,000). 
Graduates of our Technology Tent five-month training course were invited to participate for some hands-on experience. We will hire these graduates for future installations as we expand to other schools.
A solar lesson from the solar fundi in the blue lab coat:
Fundi is a Swahili word for skilled person.

Installing trunks for the DC electrical wires:
Our computers and monitors run on DC not AC, saving about 30% electricity.

Fun on the roof with the solar panels:

Before the installation was even complete, word was out and the Welwel students (in blue sweaters) were in the computer lab using the computers:

As you can see, the first thing they like to do is change the desktop background:

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  1. I'm with them … I change my desk-top pattern all the time! This moves me so much … they're getting hands-on training on how to put their new medium together, how to make it work, how to … um … change their desk-top patterns! Lucky kids. Lucky you, that you get to see the smiles on those faces close up. xo

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