Three Schools in Bunda District Go Live

Our team installing a computer lab
for Kabasa Secondary School

They waited.

School was over for the day — actually school ended hours ago — but some of the Bunda District students lingered as the team from Powering Potential Inc. (PPI) installed solar energy systems and filled the schools’ Computer Labs with their new computers.

It had been a long and bumpy road. Delivery shipments were late; the distance to headquarters was great, adding to the logistical challenge; and grant confusion added uncertainty to the mix.

“It was a long, arduous journey,” said Janice Lathen, Founding Director of PPI, “but it had a joyful ending for 1,200 students. That made it all worthwhile. I’d like to thank the donors who made this possible.”

Sazira students decided to help our team
unpack for the installation

Our institutional donors on this project came from Tanzania and the U.S. alongside the individuals listed at the end of this blog. All are eager to provide Tanzanian students with educational resources.

Over 10% of the installation costs for three schools in the Bunda District was provided by the Bunda District Council. Additional funding came from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Foundation, Newman’s Own Foundation, United Nations Women’s Guild, SanDisk Corporation, Serena Hotels (Tanzania), Segal Family Foundation, Issroff Family Foundation, and Bety N. Giles Charitable Foundation.

The schools were chosen to bring PPI to the home district of former Minister of State Stephen Wasira who helped facilitate this program. It is a great example of PPI’s strong dedication to working closely with the government of Tanzania.

In this, the 11th, 12th and 13th installation, computers were placed in new labs for Sazira, Kabasa and Mekomariro Secondary Schools. It takes a great team to put together one school installation, let alone three.

Mekomariro Secondary School students
test out their new lab

The excitement was palpable as the students waited to begin their training course. We asked what they intended to do in the lab.

David Wilson from Form 1 replied: “I will use the computer to search material.” “I will use the computer to learn science,” said Tongoli Ntarisa.
Another student added: “My name is Doto Noah of Form 3. I will use the computer for learning resources!”

Country Director Albin Mathias led the charge with several team members he’d like to thank. The installation team included Luther Lee and the three school trainers: Neema Lyimo for Sazira,
Denis Christopher for Kabasa, and Karmeli Marko for Mekomariro. V. Ena Haines, Rich Segal and Manny Ackerman also provided technical support to the team.

Special thanks to these members of the team for providing the financial resources: Ahna, Adam, Amy, Anand, Andy, Anicetus, Anna, Anne & Stephen, Arnie & Karen, Barry, Ben, Beth, Betsy, Bob & Barbara, Brad, Brendan, Brooke, Campbell, Carol, Chris, Christa, Chuck & Carole, Clay, Colin, Cynthia, Dale, Dan, David, David & Jon, Defrag 2015, Doris & Gabe, Dorothy, Duncan, Edward, Elizabeth, Emilia, Emily, Eve, Fred, Friends at FreepositoryCorp., Gauri, Gregg, Hope, Janice, Jean, Jeff, John, Jonathan, Josh, Judith, Kelly, Kyle, Larry, Lisa & David, Liz, Lorinda, Lynn & Carrie, Madeline, Marc & Lili, Margaret & Jim, Mark, Matthew, Maura, Michael & Ena, Milt, Nan, Nancy, Nicky, Nina, Patrick & Kathy, Patti, Paul, Peter, PJW LC, Rich & Joanna, Robert, Robin, Ryan, Sara, Sharon, Shula & Marvin, Steve, Steve & Linda, Surya & Bushra, Susanne, Suzanne, Tanya, Tom & Pam, Veronica, and Warren.

“This is a great accomplishment for our team and I am thrilled.” said Janice.

And as leaders do, she is already turning her focus to future school installations and program implementations in the Karatu District in February 2016.

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Swahili is the language of Tanzania.
Here is another taste of that beautiful language:

Subira yavuta heri.
Patience attracts blessings.

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