This One or That One???

Our five-month Technology Tent training session begins June 6. We have 18 computers and 28 applicants. How do we choose? Albin, our Country Director; Justine, the Banjika headmaster; Mr. Tonde, the Welwel headmaster; and Peter, the computer teacher decided to conduct interviews. I sat in the background and kept silent.

Twenty applicants showed up for the interview. Each applicant stood in front of the panel and was questioned about their commitment, ambition, desire to teach technology to others, and computer experience. A few were so fearful they could hardly speak. It was too heartbreaking to me to reject two applicants so we decided to accept all 20. Some computers will be shared. We will see how many participants show up on Monday morning, June 6 with their $25 contribution to begin the program.

Today I am visiting other secondary schools in the Karatu district. We are installing a solar energy system and computers at two more schools in October 2011. One school will be Welwel and the other is still to be determined. I met with Mr. Mbwambo, the Karatu District Education Officer and we compiled a list of 10 secondary schools in the district which he thought would be good candidates for installations in 2012.

Stay tuned.


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