The Energy Globe Award

Powering Potential, Inc (PPI) is pleased to announce that our Raspberry Pi Computer Lab program has received the 2017 Energy Globe National Award for Best Project in the United Republic of Tanzania!
The Energy Globe Award is the world’s most prestigious environmental prize, with 178 participating countries and over 2000 annual project submissions. Each year, the Energy Globe Foundation recognizes projects at the regional, national, and international level for their resource conservation, sustainability, and social benefit.


Energy Globe’s goal is to increase global awareness of sustainable, universally-applicable solutions to pressing environmental and social issues, and to encourage the international population to get involved in this important work in any way they can.
PPI’s innovative Raspberry Pi Computer Lab project utilizes sustainable solar energy to improve youth education in Tanzania’s low-socioeconomic rural areas by providing educational resources and offline digital libraries.
Additionally, PPI’s use of open-source software ensures that future generations will not be burdened with the egregious expense of upgrading proprietary programs.
Energy Globe’s official assessment of Powering Potential’s Raspberry Pi program was as follows:

“Education is essential for a good life standard. The lack of learning material leads to a high NEET rate. This project helps to increase the opportunities for economic progression, it has improved students’ learning outcomes and provided communities with a more optimistic set of expectations for their children’s future.”


o o o

Swahili is the language of Tanzania. The following African proverbs are another taste of the beautiful language:

Aliye na hamu ya kupanda juu hukesha.

A person who desires to rise must stay awake.
Baada ya dhiki faraja.
After hardship comes relief.

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