Serengeti Schools

On July 11, Dr. Kebwe’s secretary and his driver picked me up in Karatu and we drove six hours over rocky dirt roads to reach the Serengeti District headquarters of Mugumu. The Serengeti District is much bigger than the Serengeti National Park. Dr. Kebwe is the Mbunge (Memeber of Parliament) from the Serengeti District and he arranged my visit.

The next day we spent all day driving again over rocky dirt roads looking at schools. Mid-day we stopped for lunch. The restaurant was able to offer us nyama, ugali, wali na maharagwe (meat, porridge, rice and beans). I’m a vegetarian so I passed on the meat, I’ve had ugali and it’s not to my liking, so I feasted on wali na maharagwe while dining with the District Education Officer and Dr. Kebwe’s secretary:

Below are two photos from Rigicha Secondary School. In the first photo are school officials in the school’s potential computer lab and the second photo is a shot of their school:

The headmaster at Kitunguruma School:

Classrooms at Ikorongo School:

Potential computer lab at Busawe School:

The district officials want Powering Potential to decide which of the schools will receive the Technology Tent. We can only choose three schools. It’s a difficult decision. 

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  1. Trust that you will be able to choose the best three for now. How exciting to hear about Powering Potential's growth!

    You answered my question about the slow, difficult travel . . . glad you had awesome views along the way.

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