Powering Potential at the United Nations

At the invitation of V. Ena Haines, Janice Lathen joined her on June 11 for a UNESCO event in the Trusteeship Chamber at the United Nations. Ms. Haines is an active board member of Powering Potential and is the Director of Information Technology at Teachers College/Columbia University. Ms. Lathen is the Founding Executive Director of Powering Potential.

The event was part of the UN Secretary-General’s Global Initiative on Education and was titled: Moving from access to learning in the post-2015 dialogue: Why indicators matter and how we can use them well.

Janice Lathen in the Trusteeship Chamber

V. Ena Haines and Janice Lathen

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  1. Powering Potential is becoming more and more powerful in creating the change we need in the world. Janice, it is inspiring to see you making such a difference for so many children.

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