Phase 2 Installation Florian and Welwel Secondary Schools

Hello,I’m Albin Mathias, powering potential country Director .We have started phase 2 Installation at Florian
 and Welwel Secondary schools This time we have visitor Mr Mtituh from Tanzania Postal Bank (TPB)
 The two schools have computers studies as part of their curriculum  now. After this Installation we will have three schools with computers studies as part of curriculum in which both phase 1 and phase 2 are completed

Mr Mtituh From Tanzania Postal Bank

Assembling new raspberry pi low power computers

Albin and Mtituh configuring the system

 Elibariki Magnus
 Unpacking New Monitors and computer at Florian

Mr Mtituh  briefing students on search Engines such as Google 

With New computer Teacher assigned by the government to teach computer at Florian

At office preparing for next day work

Solar Fundi from Ensol explaining the new system installation


  1. Congratulation to you Janice,Albin and The Young boy Elibariki! Well done wish you all the best and successfully

    Orly Michael

  2. So much work is getting done. It is very inspiring to see what one person can create.
    Thanks for the pictures

  3. Great work Janice, there is a lot of innovation in the hardware, software, power and training behind these labs. Congratulations!

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