Local Tranportation

Without a car of one’s own, there are three vehicular options for getting around Dar es Salaam – Taxi, Bajaj, and Dalla Dalla.

I want to give you a flavor of each.


Bajaj (my favorite)

Dalla Dalla

Dalla Dalla Posta station in the city center

The ride by taxi from my hotel into the city center takes about 15 minutes with no traffic. The cost? Taxi: $6.60, Bajaj: $3.30, Dalla Dalla: 16 cents

Frugality is a hallmark of Powering Potential so now that I’ve learned the system, I take the Dalla Dalla unless I’m dressed up for a business meeting, under time constraints, or running out of patience 🙂


  1. Aha Janice! I am very happy to hear things are looking up. It sounds like you're becoming a real local navigating both the city and the Tanzanian technology.

    I love riding in the Bajaj’s …


  2. Sounds very different from things in the States. What's the cuisine there like? Any places you can show us?

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