In Tanzania Again

Tanzanian State House in Dar es Salaam

Here I am again in Dar es Salaam meeting with government officials at the U.S. Embassy, the Ministry of Education and the Tanzanian State House (equivalent of the U.S. White House)…that was really cool !

More and more people here are becoming impressed with our work.

Tomorrow morning I will be going to Karatu to attend the graduation of the 23 students who have completed Powering Potential’s five-month Technology Tent training course. Four of them will be chosen to become trainers at Welwel and Florian Secondary Schools, a pair at each school.

Next week we will install a solar energy system and five computers each at Welwel and Florian and the trainers will begin teaching what they have learned. Powering Potential will pay their wages for three months and thereafter each school has agreed to continue the employment of one trainer for a year. When the district can assign a degreed computer teacher to the school Powering Potential will return and add 15 computers and the school can then offer Information and Computer Studies courses as part of their curriculum.

I feel so amazed when I think about all that has happened because my heart was deeply touched by the Banjika school students.

A heartfelt appreciation to all of you who have joined me on this exciting journey.


  1. Janice — it truly IS amazing what you've accomplished over such a short span of time. Those kids are lucky to have you! I imagine Powering Potential's impact will continue to spread as more schools hear about what's been happening at Banjika and elsewhere. Keep blogging … I love hearing about your travels and how things are moving forward.

  2. Janice,
    The details you have put forth here are absolutely incredible to me! Yet I have to understand and recognize that all this is true! When I think of where you began!!
    What was it, one computer?? Boy, someBody sure Powered YOUR Potential! Congratulations. May the blessings continue to flow your way. You go girl! We'll salute you November 12th at Diana's.
    xxoo Your friend, Celeste

  3. Congratulation Janice,thank you very much for your heart of hospitality for supporting the Technology to the rural areas ,my self i am your ambassador in representing your work because i was there at Banjika since you began your the Technology.Starting from single Laptop ,Solar Panel and the 23 desk tops computers,and the Internet Dish to BANJIKA Secondary.Also thank you very much for the expansion of Solar panel and Computer Technology to other more school in Karatu,God bless you,Sirili Ezekiel from MWEKA colllege

  4. Janice — how did the recent graduation go? Did you wow the crowd again with your Swahili? It's so great that you'll be employing a few of the kids who took the computer course. Onward and upward, girl!

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