Important people in the history of development of technology in Tanzania

Below is an email from Tumaini Rweyemamu to Janice Lathen, the Founding Executive Director of Powering Potential. Tumaini was a student at our pilot school in 2006 and is now attending college.
hello Janice!
how are things going with you my dear friend? it is long time since we contact each other but i do hope that my email will find you fine.
i am doing well with my studies, i just miss to hear from you so much. You are HERO, i appreciate your work,i visited  powering potential blog and you tube Chanel, honestly you are doing something i never expect to see, you are one of important people in the history of development of technology in Tanzania. your effort,creativity and confidence has made greet changes in advancement of technology for youth and teenagers of Tanzania especially KARATU. (I AM THE EVIDENCE OF YOUR STRENGTH). much love to you and i wish you all the best.

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