Grant from the Tanzanian Rural Energy Agency

Today was another historic day for Powering Potential.

We signed a contract with the Tanzanian Rural Energy Agency, a division of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals. They awarded us a grant of  Tsh 13,517,874. That’s Tanzanian shillings not U.S. dollars. It’s equivalent to about $8,600.

Left to right: Janice Lathen (Powering Potential, Founding Executive Director) Eng. Msofe (Rural Energy Agency, Director for Technical Services)
Albin Mathias (Powering Potential, Country Director).

This grant will help cover the costs of The Technology Tent Phase 1 at Baray and Endallah Secondary Schools which will be implemented in October 2012.

I’m thrilled that a Tanzanian government agency is supporting our work.

If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go together


  1. Great work Janice and working together with Tanzania local official in supporting the project.

  2. Janet this is thrilling news. Congratulations. Todd, KEF

  3. Janice — this visit to Tanzania is so rewarding … the $8,600 in grant money, the new title "Mama Karatu" and of course the implementation of 2 more Technology Tents … one at Baray and one at Endallah … cool! After all this, you deserve some time on the beach in Zanzibar, don't you think?! As always, I am very proud of you and look forward to your return to NY so I can hear the details of your trip in person. xo

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