Dr. Kebwe and the MOU

Below is a photo of Dr. Stephen Kebwe, Member of Parliament from the Serengeti, signing a Memorandum of Understanding on January 29th with Powering Potential to bring our Educating-Through-Technology program to his constituents at three secondary schools: Rigicha, Busawe, and Ikorongo.
left to right:
Dr. Kebwe, Founding Executive Director Janice Lathen,
and Board Member Ena Haines
Dr. Kebwe was recently appointed Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health and Social Services with a new office at the Ministry of Health in Dar es Salaam.
REA (Tanzania Rural Energy Agency) and TZ Postal  Bank have already contributed funds for this program in the Serengeti, Serena hotels has pledged additional funds, and the IEEE Foundation (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has awarded Powering Potential a grant, part of which will be used for this implementation.

Country Director Albin Mathias
signing on behalf of Powering Potential

Dr. Kebwe agreed in this Memorandum of Understanding to transfer the pledged funds by February 15 so that we can begin project implementation soon. He has allocated TZS 10 million (US$6,000) for this project.

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