Danger Along the Way

After bidding adieu to the Powering Potential people and programs in Karatu, Moody (a entrepreneur with a shuttle service) and I began the two hour drive to Arusha. There had been a huge rainfall the night before and it created some serious problems along the way. At one point we had to shut off the car engine and be pushed through the water by some Maasai men who were out in force to help with the crisis.

A few days after our journey there was another torrential downpour causing flash floods which completely washed away the road making it impossible for a car to pass.


  1. Wow! Quite a bit of damage to the roads. We're thankful God was watching over you and the other passengers!

  2. Knowing first hand the wonders of nature and the unpredictability of all that is Tanzania, we tend to forget that the "wilds" of Africa include the environment and the often heavy hand of mother nature when she plays her "weather card". Envoiromental changes seems to punctuate the relationship between nature's ultimate powers and humans ultimate vulnerablity to it. But it has always been my experiance (and good fortune) in such times of unexpected "adventures" that the people of Tanzania ALWAYS manage to keep a good attitude ("hakuna mattata") and kinship, and brotherhood, and show in number and effort to help eachother out in times of need. It is this Tanzanian way of looking at things, and their sense of community in the face of seemingly undaunting tasks, that keep me going back to Tanzania time and time again. It's Tanzania's children that seem to benefit more from my visits there than I could ever credit myself for having achieved. And it's because people like Janice that are giving those precious children a leg up in the world through education that I have no doubt Janice and Powering Potential may be the first wrung on the latter of success for future world leaders! Mother Nature's hand will be forever evident, and I hope Janice's will too! For she is truely a force of nature herself!

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