Baray Secondary School

On January 23, 2014, Powering Potential visited Baray Secondary School in Karatu, which is our most remote location. It is also the former school of Powering Potential staff member Eliabarki Magnus. We thank the staff and students for their generous welcome! It was wonderful seeing the results of our efforts first hand.

The Baray Secondary School Emblem 
From L to R: 
Academic master John Burra, Powering Potential Staff Elibariki Magnus, 
Founding Director Janice Lathen, Second Master Godfrey, Board Member V. Ena Haines, 
Headmaster Cleti Madangi and two students

V. Ena Haines speaking with the students

Janice Lathen addresses the students

Janice Lathen and V. Ena Haines
departing from the school after the presentation


  1. Iam so glad to see my classmate, magnus to visit the school i used to study. thank u so much to remember our young sisters and brothers.God bless you. Manyandishi mwigulu

  2. Thank you ! My classmate Mr. Manyandishi , Let us be together and say thank you very much for Powering Potential
    and pray for God bless their donors

  3. Thank u Elibarik to come o our school we used to study. I am so much glad to see this, you remember our young sisters and brothers God bless you

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