Hello i’m Elibariki Magnus Powering Potential’s Karatu representative.

Dr;Lorri visited Wel wel secondary school on 25,July this year,as the only school among of six secondary schools which are in our project at Karatu district
Dr;Lorri is the Governmental officer who works in President office
Below are the photos of Dr; Lorri with Elibariki Magnus who is the Powering potential’s Karatu Representative

Elibariki narrating the RACHEL content 
to Dr. Lorri

Dr. Lorri, searching material in RACHEL, 
and Mr. Mndeme, a teacher at 
Wel Wel Secondary School with Elibariki.

Shimbwe Village

On August 2, I joined Ambassador Maajar and her sister Dr. Eve Hawa Sinare for a weekend at their Shimbwe village home for the purpose of visiting Sia Secondary School which would like to receive the Powering Potential Educating-Through-Technology program. It had been raining and we needed to buy boots for the muddy trek to the school.

Ambassador Maajar at the market in Moshi
buying the most fashionable boots she could find.
The future computer lab at Sia Secondary School in Shimbwe village. Left to right: Ambassador Maajar, Dr. Eve Hawa Sinare, Sia School headmaster, other school official.

Ambassador Maajar and I also met with officers of the Moshi Rotary Club to discuss a collaboration with the Livermore, CA Rotary Club for a Rotary International grant.
Left to right: Arthur Kiwia, Janice Lathen, Samuel Renju, Ambassador Maajar, Lucy Renju at the Honey Badger Lodge owned by the Renjus

Segal visit to Tanzania

From Janice Lathen, Founding Executive Director:

I finished up a three week trip to Tanzania, returning home on August 10. It was a very fruitful trip. The Segal Family Foundation had invited me to escort Rich and Joanna Segal on a trip through Tanzania to visit grantee sites and for a three day animal viewing safari in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Thank you to the Segals for treating me to an exciting trip. It was a pleasure to spend a week with Rich and Joanna.

We visited two Powering Potential schools, Florian and Welwel, and had a meeting at the District Commissioner’s office and the District Executive Director’s office. We also met, at Welwel Secondary School, with district officials, heads of schools, computer teachers, and Powering Potential program graduates and staff and spent the afternoon discussing the best way forward. It was an informative meeting for all involved.

Assembly at Florian Secondary School
Janice, Rich, Albin, Elibariki and Happy
Powering Potential office

Meeting in Karatu District Executive Director’s Office