Message from Advisory Board Member

My name is Scott Morgan and I’ve been privileged to serve as an Advisory Board member since the inception of Powering Potential and I want to bring your attention to some of the amazing work and accomplishments of Powering Potential during 2011.

Janice Lathen, Founding Executive Director, has done an extraordinary job of building the profile of Powering Potential. In 2011, Janice met with Ambassador Maajar, Tanzanian Ambassador to the US; Minister Wasira, a Minister of State in the President’s Office; Mr. Mlaki, former director of the Tanzanian Commission for Science and Technology; Dr. Kawambwa, the Minister of Education; and the President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete himself!

Janice’s tireless efforts to network and build relationships are paying huge dividends! At a meeting at the Ministry of Education, Janice was asked if she would be willing to join a team of people devising technology solutions for improving education across the country, as well as set up a Powering Potential demonstration computer lab at the Ministry. Ambassador Maajar has invited Powering Potential to partner with the Hassan Maajar Trust to improve Tanzanian schools. And finally, Janice is continuing her discussions with Tanzanian government officials to secure funding for Powering Potential.

In her most recent trip to Tanzania Janice concluded a five-month technology training course certifying 23 high school graduates to be Powering Potential Technology Trainers, installed The Technology Tent—a solar energy system and five computers with embedded educational content, and commenced technology training at two more secondary schools.

The beauty and genius of Powering Potential is that it builds knowledge experts and trainers from within to exponentially train more and more students. I have been to Tanzania and met some of the teachers and students whose lives have been changed by Powering Potential. While words escape me to adequately describe what Powering Potential means for so many students, I can surely tell you that one look into the eyes of any Powering Potential participant and you will see the pure joy of having the opportunity to learn. As Samson Goodluck, a Technology Tent graduate, put it, “Now I see the way to pass in my life.”

Janice has taken a simple idea and in less than six years, turned it into a superbly managed, stunning example of a small non-profit that exists to change young lives.

As we approach 2012, we have laid the groundwork for a new level of growth. The demand is palpable, the stage for expansion is set, the players are in place—and we need you to join us.

With a 2012 budget of $150,000, we only have commitments of $45,000.

Nothing can be more satisfying then a gift to change a child’s life.

Please help us to meet our 2012 budget so that Powering Potential can continue to grow and serve young people, to give them opportunities that would otherwise never be possible.

As Janice often ends her emails:

If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go together
              —– African proverb

Join us and let’s go together to make 2012 a successful and empowering year to bring technology and education to young people in Tanzania through the power of Powering Potential.

To donate online, click here
To donate with a check, please make payable to ICSEE-Powering Potential and mail to:

Powering Potential
PO Box 230913
New York, NY 10023

ICSEE (International Collaborative for Science, Education and the Environment) TIN: 22-3158263 is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity and serves as fiscal sponsor for Powering Potential. Donations to ICSEE-Powering Potential are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

With warmest wishes for the holiday season and New Year,

Scott W. Morgan
Powering Potential Advisory Board

Danger Along the Way

After bidding adieu to the Powering Potential people and programs in Karatu, Moody (a entrepreneur with a shuttle service) and I began the two hour drive to Arusha. There had been a huge rainfall the night before and it created some serious problems along the way. At one point we had to shut off the car engine and be pushed through the water by some Maasai men who were out in force to help with the crisis.

A few days after our journey there was another torrential downpour causing flash floods which completely washed away the road making it impossible for a car to pass.

“Now I See The Way To Pass In My Life”

After completing Powering Potential’s five-month technology training course, four high school graduates were chosen, among a class of 23, to become Technology Tent Trainers. Severine and Happy began teaching at Welwel Secondary School on Nov. 14, and Samson and Theresia began teaching at Florian Secondary School on Nov. 21. 

Samson Goodluck:

Theresia Christopher:

Severine Herman:

Happy Mashinga:

Below are a few emails I’ve received from them.

From Severine, after completing the technology training course in preparation for teaching:

Hello Madam how are you,On my side I am fine and my fellow also.
It is long time since we started  our course here at Banjika secondary school, we  are very happy to get Experience about computer and now we are able to teach other people about computer.
My self I was enjoy our lesson and I was got more experience.So madam Thank you very much to started this program and to help them to got this knowledge.
My self I am ready to teach  if you give me a chances.
Ahsante sana madam kwa kutuwezesha katika masomo.Always we are remember you for give as this effort.And we also say thanks to teacher Albin Mathias for more cooperation and other teachers.  Ahsante sana. 
Best  Wishes.     
And this from Severine after having taught for two weeks at Welwel:

Hello madam how are you,
I am fine and we are going well with our lesson.Teachers and Students enjoy computers.
Madam my self I am enjoying to teach them and I would like to say Thanks you very much for giving me this chances hear at welwel secondary school to teach them and we understand me and happy very well.And also I would like to say Thank you very much for poweringpotential to help them to know this technology and Installed many computers in different part of the world because people enjoying this program.And also I say Thanks for those who donate money for us and also solar power in order to avoid loss of power rather than Electricity so! that is a good way to use solar.
Asanteni sana kwa kutuwezesha na sisi tumefurahi sana. Karibu tena.
Thank you very much  madam.
Best Wishes.    
From Samson, who like Theresia, is living at the Florian School because it is 20km from town and there is no practical way for them get to work each day:
My name is Samson Goodluck,i like to gives special thanks to madam Janice Lathen for her hard work she done to me and also i like to thanks all who donated to contribute for the computers,solar and also who contribute to my wages/expenses,also special thanks to Powering Potential at all, i says that i don’t have anything to pay but the God knows what to pay for yourselves.Now i see the way to pass in my life,i like to tell all who help me to continue with this spirit.

Samson is his room at Florian:

Theresia, in the black skirt, with her roommate at Florian:

Please wish them luck as they embark on their new careers.