Hello again from Peaceful Tanzania,

Thank you all for your emails. I love hearing from you. I will definitely pass along all of your greetings to our mutual friends here in Tanzania.

In two hours I will be on my way to Karatu. Bayo (another beloved safari guide) is picking me up and taking me there.

My friends here are very interested in the American presidential race. They love Obama (his father was Kenyan) and are also impressed that a woman is being seriously considered for President of the United States. News here is that President Bush is visiting Tanzania this month.

From what I have heard the violence from Kenya is only affecting Tanzania in that Kenyans who have relatives in Tanzania are coming here to stay with their relatives.

I have been spending a lot of time (every day) at the cell phone company (Celtel). I want to provide internet access to the teachers at Banjika so they can email and I need to buy a modem for that purpose. There is a Celtel technician in Karatu and he has been asked by the office in Arusha to go to the school to test the strength of the internet signal. I don’t want to spend $168 on a modem if the cell signal is too weak to transmit internet data.

The technician’s car broke down; today he told me his car has finally been fixed and he will go to the school this afternoon. Unfortunately the Celtel office is closed today (Sunday) so I made arrangements with the computer technician who is installing the computers to pick up the modem Monday morning on his way to Karatu…assuming the cell signal is strong enough…if indeed the car gets fixed and if indeed the technician makes it to the school. What fun working out all of these details!

I must sign off now….more later.



Greetings from Peaceful Tanzania

Hello Everyone,

I arrived safely in Arusha Wednesday night. Thursday morning I discovered the cell phone company closed my account because of inactivity for over 3 months so I have a new Tanzanian phone number: 255 (0) 783 372 184. Depending on your long distance carrier, you may or may not need to dial the 0. 255 is the Tanzanian country code. Hint: I LOVE getting calls from friends in America!

At the airport, after the plane landed and I retrieved my luggage I walked out and standing there to greet me was Julius! To those of you who weren’t on the safari with me in 2006, Julius was our beloved group leader. He was picking up some clients at the airport. It was such a treat to see him! He and I will meet up again in Karatu.

On Sunday I will go to Karatu and on Monday will be at Banjika. I have business to attend to in Arusha today and am very busy.

That is all for now….more later.