The Technology Tent Graduation Sherehe (Ceremony) on November 4 began with the students demonstrating what they had learned during their five-month course:

In the photo above we are watching students use a nested IF function to calculate grades. (If you know Excel you will know what I mean 🙂  I was VERY impressed with all that they could do!

Students are seated and standing in the back from left to right are Founding Executive Director of Powering Potential, Karatu District Education Officer, Banjika Headmaster, and Powering Potential’s Country Director.

Then we moved to another room for the awarding of the certificates, speeches, and a feast. I got a big applause when I said, “Moyo wangu unaruku kwa furaha.” (My heart is jumping with happiness.)

And presentation of gifts to Janice Lathen:

A heart-warming expression of appreciation by Happy Mashinga on behalf of the students
A sweet card
A beautiful piece of fabric
An original song and dance by the students

And below is all that they have learned.

RACHEL is the educational content which we install on the Powering Potential computers.